The Knowers - Merry Brown Actual rating of 3.5 The idea behind this book was very new and exciting. I love reading super original books and I have yet to read anything like this novel. However, I thought the characters were really underdeveloped and that it was very slow moving. I was all the way into chapter 18 before anything really happened. I am used to reading a book and gaining the sense that I instantly understand the main character and it feels like I have known them forever, but in this novel I didn't get that feeling from any of the characters. I would be reading and a name would pop up and all I could think was, "Who are you?" I give Dr. Brown a big round of applause for doing all the publishing and writing by herself. Publishing a book is not an easy job! This is a very good novel for being the first one she has ever written. I think she has some brilliant ideas if only she could tie up a few loose ends.