The Selection

The Selection - Edit: I just happened to see this books rating when I was looking through my read books... How did the rating get to 4.2 stars? It was 2-3 stars forever! Something seems strangeThis review was written without a bias against the author whether she deserves it or not!This book was ok. Sometimes I thought I could like it. Other times I was ready to just chuck it at a wall. The thing that got me in the end was the author notes.( Yes I know I am a nerd for reading those) The author wrote her acknowledgments like she was three. I quote, "for realzies" I mean really. That is the reason I went from three stars to two stars. Use your brain Ms. Cass. I have never really been a fan of the Bachelor. It is just one of those reality TV shows that I don't really enjoy. I will give it to Ms. Cass though. This book is probably fantastic for any Bachelor fan. I will admit that there were parts in the book where I really liked this book.Those parts were mainly due to me having this tiny part in my brain that loves the super cheesy girly moments. That is why this book received two stars instead of one. I will give the second book a chance when it comes out. I just hope the author grows up a little in the author notes.(Sorry it just really annoys me)